About Our Company

Greetings everyone! 

Let’s keep it simple and come to the point. We are a group of friends and also are university students. All 
of us know about online shopping sites and businesses running these days. We’ve also taken an initiative 
to prove that not all five fingers are equal. 

Actually what inspired us to step into this profession is very common and most of us have been victim of 
this. Few months back, I and two of my friends were surfing a well known online shopping site when we 
came across a pair of shorts which really attracted us and we ordered three such pairs at the same time and 
our waiting period started. Finally arrived the day of delivery, we happily welcomed the courier and 
sought permission to open the parcel before exchanging with cash. But to our surprise we couldn’t avail 
the opportunity we asked for. Anyways, when we opened that guess what happened? Haha, It was the 
worst material ever. But nothing could’ve been done. We thought to return it back but the procedure was 
long and sending it back would’ve caused us even more amount so we were left with no choice. Alas! We 
had to accept what we happily ordered. Since that day we promised to actually deliver what is displayed. 
So here’s why we started this. Keeping in mind our experience, we offer you a video call before 
finalizing order so that you could actually see on a live call and confirm material before its delivered to 
your address. We offer you complete support on call, whatsapp and video call as well. 

Furthermore it is to bring to your notice that we already run our local business in area of Scheme 3, 
Rawalpindi. We have contacted the people with the best quality items as your trust is all we ask for. As 
only we can feel your pain being a victim of such frauds. 
24/7 Support 
We are available to guide you and answer your suggestions anytime you give us a call as we strongly 
believe not to give you a single chance to complain about our services. 
Video call facility
We for your surprise, welcome video calls from your side when you finalize the order to confirm the 
quality before it is delivered.
Refund any time
For your comfort and ease we offer you refund opportunity any time during 1 week after receiving your order.