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WIKEY Car and Bike GPS Tracker
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Realtime Location

Tracker 2.0 with a realtime feature and an update interval of 10 seconds provides continuous and accurate location tracking of the car and bike.

Offline Location

Track your vehicle even without an internet connection.  Receive updates on your vehicle’s location, speed, and other information via SMS or mobile app, making it a reliable solution for vehicle tracking, especially in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Engine Cutoff

An engine cut off feature allows you to remotely shut down the engine of your vehicle using your smartphone.

Backup Battery

A backup battery provides uninterrupted power supply to the device even in the event of a power outage or tampering, ensuring continuous tracking and monitoring of your vehicle

Over Speeding Alerts

Over speeding alerts help you monitor the speed of your vehicle and receive notifications when it exceeds a pre-set limit.


With Geo-fencing set up virtual boundaries around specific areas and receive notifications when your car or bike enters or exits the area.

Backup History

GPS trackers with backup history for up to one year. Review past trips, routes, and events, providing valuable insights into your vehicle’s usage patterns, performance, and maintenance needs

Multiple Users

With multiple user accounts, you can share access to your GPS tracker with trusted individuals or Family Members. Upto 2 People are allowed in Basic Version.

Multiple Tracker

Efficiently manage your vehicles with ease using our GPS tracking app that enables you to track multiple cars and Bikes in one interface, providing real-time location data and other important information at your fingertips.

Car ON/OFF Alerts

Provide instant notifications when your vehicle is turned on or off. This feature can help you keep track of the whereabouts of your vehicle and monitor any unauthorized use or suspicious activity

Car Tempering Alerts

Notification when someone tries to remove or tamper with the tracker, ensuring the security and safety of your vehicle

Lock/Unlock Car

 Now, effortlessly unlock and lock car doors from anywhere, without distance limitations.

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